Eddie Levin, CLU, MBA has spent 36 years in the Financial Services industry helping people with their retirement concerns.  Over the years, he discovered there was no magic answer to the retirement question, but crafted a solution which was named “The CPR Plan” (Coordinated Program for Retirement).

The CPR Plan enables you to take a comprehensive look at your retirement while coordinating various financial tools and products maximizing their effectiveness for your specific situation.  The CPR Plan can make your retirement bullet proof and provides you the piece of mind that your goals will be achieved.  This plan can show you the way to accumulate, protect and distribute wealth according to your specific goals and objectives.

Retirement Risks

1 Preservation of capital due to potential investment losses
2 Premature death leaving a family or spouse without enough money
3 Injury or sickness depleting funds for an extended period of time
4 Not saving enough to be able to retire
5 Outliving your retirement income
6 Asset protection from lawsuits and creditors

What can The CPR Plan do for you?

1 Achieve maximum security both pre and post retirement
2 Guarantee of principal and a competitive interest rate
3 Protect your family and leave what you wish to your heirs
4 Provide additional savings outlets to 401(k)’s, IRA’s & CD’s
5 Provide guaranteed income for life
6 Protect the assets you have worked so hard to build up

The CPR Plan is tailor-made for you with a combination of your personal input and the assistance of a trusted professional advisor. We encourage you and an advisor to work together to help you achieve your most important goals for the benefit of you, your retirement and your family.

At Levin Insurance and Retirement Planning, we believe building your retirement starts with a conservative foundation and utilizes guaranteed products to ensure there are no surprises down the road.

How it Works

1.  We gather information from you that is kept in the highest confidence and not released to anyone.  This includes basic personal information about income, assets, and liabilities in addition to any annuity or insurance products that you already own.
2.  We analyze the information and design your own Coordinated Program for Retirement with a path for achieving your income planning goals and objectives.  This is offered at no cost to you.
3.  We offer suggestions on how your planning may be improved and make you aware of any potential pitfalls you could face down the road.  If you have a plan in place already, we are happy to give you a second opinion and make sure you have considered all aspects of retirement and that your plan matches your goals.